Jumat, 25 Maret 2016

Three Dates in Three Days

It was a big weekend for the queen bee of the W house!  The stars aligned on not one, not two, but THREE dates in three days with two handsome guys!!

After devouring The Hunger Games trilogy, Honey and I awaited with bated breath opening night of the first movie (I say first because there is simply no way they won’t make numbers two and three.)  Armed with the largest tub of popcorn imaginable and two Cokes, we settled into our seats with the rest of the thirteen year olds in our neck of the woods.  We even texted and Facebooked during the wait to try and fit in a little better.  All jokes aside, the movie was outstanding and I’m already anxious to see it again!

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Saturday night we dropped the littles off with Sister and headed to dinner at South City Kitchen before catching Atlanta Ballet’s Man in Black.  An outstanding performance set to Johnny Cash’s legendary music, it’s like the show was made for us. 

And this afternoon, I headed off with the PCP to see the Georgia Metropolitan Dance Theater’s Peter Pan.  His Daddy got him dressed up and gave him a quick run down of “opening doors and using manners” when he thought I wasn’t listening.  The marvelous show was choreographed by a gal I grew up with and starred another childhood dance friend’s husband in the title role!  The sets and costumes were divine, the music was fantastic and the dancers were just outstanding, yet the PCP still took a little snooze for about twenty minutes during the second act.  Boys will be boys, I suppose.  After the show, the PCP was delighted to get signatures from Peter Pan and Tink.  And while I’d be lying if I said getting him out the door and convincing him to miss baseball practice was easy, overall I’d say his first trip to the ballet was a success!
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Pinch me ‘cause I must be the luckiest girl in the world :-)

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