Jumat, 04 Maret 2016

The Closet

I feel like I’m always talking about 1) how badly I need to clean out my closet and 2) all of the lovely things stashed away in said closet.  This is what its looked like for the majority of the last four years…

photo 3 (26)

January 2013 082

January 2013 083

What you can’t see are all of the frames, vases and random things shoved under the racks of hanging clothes.  UGH! 

So, at the urging of Honey, I finally FINALLY pulled all the things out that don’t generally belong in a closet (lamps, pictures, decorative accessories), poured through the clothes and came up with a significant donation pile, organized, cleaned and even moved one of the racks!  Honey hung our seasonal porch pictures at the back of the closet because I’m afraid they’d get ruined in the attic.

photo 2 (31)

He even hung a bunch of hooks for me on an totally unused (and rather strange) wall in the middle of all the shelves.  My handbags and scarves now have a happy home!

photo 3 (28)

And the spoils of the project… all of these things are now homeless.  Some of them have been relocated to the PCP’s closet for his impending room update, others have been earmarked for the living room bookshelves and a few are in the donate or sell pile in the garage.

photo 1 (33)      photo 5 (11)

So, this is the current state of the un-organized side of the closet.  (Yes, I’ve temporarily taken down the monogrammed canvas that is by far the most popular thing I’ve ever blogged about.)  I'm dreaming of turning this space into a fancy schmancy totally fru fru little dressing area / office for yours truly.  It’s a putrid green color so Honey has promised to throw a coat of paint up in this little part to make it match the rest of the bedroom (Benjamin Moore Pale Oak).  I’ve got a little DIY stool project planned, will move the mirror from the dining room up (I have a better sized one in the garage waiting to be hung), plan to sew a bed sheet we never use into a balloon shade and have some cute little crystal sconces to hang.  Oh, and I am definitely going to skirt the desk – in something white and billowy.  I envision a tray full of perfumes and pictures of my boys framed in silver.  Honey wants to procure a nasty looking file cabinet for this space but I’m afraid that is NOT in line with my overall plan.  I advised him to put it in the master bath because there’s not really anything we could do to that space to make it worse :-)

photo 4 (21)

There’s obviously a heap of work left to be done but for now I’m relishing in the fact that all my clothes are hung up and organized and I can actually get to them without fear of breaking my neck.

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