Sabtu, 19 Maret 2016

The 2012 Kitchen of the Year

Mick De Giulio is the "go to guy" for excellence in kitchen design.  I have written about Mick before here.   His designs take kitchens to another level, like jewel boxes of luxury and efficiency.

Each year House Beautiful anoints a prominent designer or chief the honor of designing a kitchen in Rockefeller Center.  Once unveiled to the public, there are tastings, special events, and mixology classes.  My only complaint is, "It's not open long enough!"

This is one sweet kitchen, right?

I love the unexpected touch of blue ~ coupled with the gleaming surfaces, stainless steel, mirrors, and wood, it's classic and timeless.  The walnut and metal cabinet makes pots and pans sculptural in the hands of Mick.

It really should be called kitchen and great room/space of the year.  At 1,000 sq. feet I think that's a better description.  A few modern rustic elements mixed in keep things from feeling too formal.

Another great design Mick ~

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