Senin, 21 Maret 2016

Spring Has Sprung

Yesterday dawned the first day of spring and, in addition to playing the yard, we pulled out our Easter bins and prettied the house with all things bunnies and eggs!

The entryway received a basket of white french tulips and the dogs donned their white double faced satin ribbons.
March 2012 549
In the foyer I simply added a green moss bunny.  I’ve had him and his mate for ages and still love to pull them out.  The silver compote with eggs and silver balls is out year round and already perfectly suited for the season.
March 2012 495
March 2012 492
On the cocktail table in the den, I added the smaller moss covered bunny and filled the antique rice bowl with a  nest and a handful of robin’s eggs.  I also added our Easter runner, chair backs (all from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago) and white feathered tree to the littles’ table.
March 2012 518
March 2012 471
Just like last year, I filled our apothecary jars with chocolate bunnies and seasonal candies.  Also like last year, I told the littles that the candy is plastic until the Easter bunny comes and turns it real.  We’ll see if they’ll buy that little white lie for the next few weeks!  I also put our my favorite bunny silhouette tea towel.
March 2012 458
March 2012 536
Lastly, I swapped the hydrangea arrangement in the dining room for my bunny weather vane.  And after adding a few nests with robin’s eggs to the existing mercury glass and white china collection, I was DONE!
March 2012 527
March 2012 529
March 2012 531
March 2012 489
Best of all??  I didn’t spend a dime outside of candy!!

Spring has sprung around these parts, y’all!

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