Sabtu, 12 Maret 2016

Spring Fresh Farm Table

Hi friends!  I hope your weekend was wonderful.
Mine was busy but good.
Saturday was cleaning day and with cleaning comes changing.
I wanted to put a little more spring into my living room so I pulled out vintage fans, gathered blue ball jars, and moved stuff from here to there.  I topped off the farm table with a small bouquet of sweet flowers that my youngest daughter brought in from outside. 
fans 2
My vintage fans actually work but I don’t use them because they scare me just a wee bit.  I do think they mark sunny days ahead just beautifully.
See the sweet green bottle filled with beautiful flowers…
Here it is closer up…
green bottle 2
It’s an old 7UP soda bottle that my daughter dug up from a big dirt pile we had brought in for our front yard.  From a slogan we saw on it, we think it dates back to between 1936 to 1952. 
The best thing about that little bottle is the bouquet of flowers that it holds.  Is there really anything sweeter than the sweet hands of a child bringing in flowers they have picked from your yard?  Priceless.
barrel 4
bags 2
table 2
ladder 4
ladder 3
This last photo is the entire back corner of my living room.  The curtains came from IKEA a couple of years ago and they cover two long windows that flank a door that leads to my backyard.
full area
As spring comes and  more flowers, shrubbery and dogwoods start blooming outside, I will begin replacing my dried  hydrangeas.  My pitchers, pots, and galvanized buckets will begin holding evidence of sunshiny days very soon.  I can’t wait.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting today.  I know that I have enjoyed sharing.
It’s past time for our school day to begin, but the time change has messed up our schedules a little bit.  First school,  then outside for some play and work if the weather stays pretty.
Blessings to you, my friends.

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