Rabu, 23 Maret 2016

Shades of Blue

Hey friends!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


I was sitting and waiting for my daughter during gymnastics yesterday and scrolling through facebook on my new smart phone.  (Side note about the phone…waited forever…just got it…love it)  Anyway back to scrolling through facebook…


Melissa, from Shabby Love, was sharing beautiful blue photos that she had pinned and it got me thinking about blues in our home. 


I totally love all shades of white intermixed with shades of blue.  Such a lovely combination to me.


Take a look around with me and see some blues around here.


pillow 1


The other side of this pillow says bonjour but I am keeping it simple and in English today.


blue bucket 1


blue shelf 1


blue trunk


coffee table 1


I found this wonderful basket Thursday at the flea market. 


Also found a beautiful old chippy blue column that I will show you once it has a home.



bottles 1


cow 1


scale 1


scale and jars 1


globe 1


Globe 3


With the temperatures still so cold outside, the blues inside help brighten the house and my mood.


If I have not said it before, “I absolutely cannot wait for spring weather to arrive and to stay”. 


Spring can be such a little tease, can’t it?


Make sure to come by on Tuesday for our next Girl Time.  This will be our 3rd!!

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