Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Savannah: Irish Parade + An Old Fave

We kicked off our day with lunch at Tybee Social Club – one of our favorite beach haunts – before heading over to a friend’s beach place for a pre-parade party.

photo 1 (38)
photo 5 (13) 
The parade rolled promptly at three and it was smiles, beads and candy all around for the next hour!

photo 4 (23)
photo 2 (36)
photo 4 (22)
photo 1 (36)  photo 3 (30)
photo 5 (15)
photo 1 (33)
photo 2 (34)
photo 3 (29)
photo 4 (20)
photo 5 (14)

Mother and Daddy-O were dolls to watch the littles again, so we headed out to the Crystal Beer Parlor – Savannah’s second oldest restaurant and a local tradition - for supper with only little CeeCee in tow. 

 photo 3 (33)  
Honey, the PCP and Sister’s family are all headed home and the baby has a little tummy bug so I expect today will be very quiet after all the goings and doings of the last few days!

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