Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Savannah Day 1: Thirty-five (again)

Today I celebrated thirty-five - I decided last year that thirty-five would be a reasonable age on which to top out, and I must admit it felt good to do it again.  Here’s how I spent the day…

Sleeping in late (thanks Mother for watching the baby!) then having brunch on the dock with Mother and Cookie.
iphone 1063
Finishing up Sarah’s Key.  (Astonishingly moving tale…thanks big sis H for the loan.)

Napping.  (I seriously have not done anything this luxurious in ages.  Again, thanks go out to Mother for entertaining the baby.)

Lounging on my parents front porch, soaking up the coastal sun while Cookie played in the yard.

Catching a Cat in the Hat performance.
iphone 1072
Hugging and kissing Honey and PCP on their arrival to Savannah.  They came bearing roses, chocolate covered strawberries and a balloon.  I mean, how sweet is that?!?!
March 2012 147
March 2012 148
Savoring a bottle of wine with Honey, Sister and her Mister at 17Hundred90.  (We originally set out to have supper here but the place was dirty and the service was horrid.)
iphone 1075
iphone 1076
And enjoying a divine meal and more wine at The Olde Pink House, unrivaled for Southern service and divine eats.  This is a must-eat for all visiting Savannah.  Start your evening with cocktails in the lounge and end it with the praline basket.
iphone 1089
Thirty-five(ish) never felt so grand!

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