Rabu, 09 Maret 2016

Savannah: Celebrating

Thanks for all of the birthday love yesterday.  I had a fantastic and fun filled day! 

We attended the annual Greening of the Fountain in Forsyth Park.

photo 1 (31)

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March 2013 007 March 2013 018
And then played on the playground and had the great fortune to run into and catch up with twin B from high school!

photo 2 (29)
photo 3 (24)March 2013 019

March 2013 024

While Honey took the boys to bounce out their energy at Monkey Joe’s, I got my hair done at Christopher’s and enjoyed catching up with the guys and Daddy-O over a glass of wine!  Back at home, I was surprised with a divine cake, champagne and gifts.

photo 1 (30)

And then we headed out to The Olde Pink House (my very fave Savannah eats) with Sister and her Mister for drinks in the lounge and a fire-side supper in their gorgeous "new" addition.

photo 2 (33)
image (1)       photo 3 (28)
photo 4 (18)   photo 5 (12)

I’m getting pretty darn good at thirty-five, seeing as I have a few years of experience under my belt :-)

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