Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

Real Life

I generally post prettied up pictures with everything ship shape in its place.  But real life around these parts isn’t always so tidy.  Take Tuesday, for instance…

In the blink of an eye:
When things seemed a little too quiet for a little too long (and by a little too long I mean no more than five minutes), Sister and I tiptoed down to the basement to see what was what…
March 2012 590
I mean, they totally and completely deconstructed the basement – pillows on the floor, legos in the popcorn maker, toys strewn across every square inch of the place. 
March 2012 591
March 2012 593
I expect it shall take them through the weekend to get things back in order :-)

Be careful what you wish for:
Later that night our ancient and beautiful old oak just fell flat out of the ground.  It missed all houses and nobody was hurt but it was blocking the entire intersection of a main thoroughfare in our neighborhood.  The police came.  The firemen came.  Neighbors we’d yet to lay eye on in three years came out of the woodwork.  The power company came. And the county came.  It was a regular middle of the night front yard hootenanny and the PCP, most concerned about how his precious bus would make it to get him in the morning, was in HOG HEAVEN with all the excitement.
March 2012 608 copy
March 2012 615
March 2012 607 copy
March 2012 624 copy
And yesterday, we spent our day figuring out how to get this out of our yard…  (Which I now know will be a long and expensive process waiting on the county to get their part and then getting our own person out here to get the rest.)
March 2012 626 copy
The incredible part of the story is that Honey has been complaining about this tree for just over a week now.  He’s angry that grass won’t grow under it and he’s furious at all the acorns it’s dropped that are sprouting into baby oaks.  The night before it fell he said, and I quote, “I know you would like too have those pine trees taken out but I really hate that oak tree.”  Be careful what you wish for, Honey!

Hoping for a neater day today – inside and out :-)

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