Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

Play Ball

A day my sweet baby has dreamt of for three years has finally come – opening day of his very first baseball season!  He took his time on the field more seriously than anything he’s ever done in his precious four years on earth.  He listened, tried his hardest and had a whole lot of fun. 
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It was the little moments like these that made my heart swell and my eyes fill.  The child has awaited this moment since the day he could lift a bat.  And to see him there on the field with his daddy showing him the ropes was just incredible.  After six seasons of watching brother from the bleachers, our little Whit finally had his much deserved day in the sun!

March 2013 384 copy

His best friend from school is on the team and one of my very bff’s little one is as well.  It is so sweet to see these little friendships budding.

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Later in the day, we headed back to the field for the PCP’s game.  It was the first one I made it to since the beginning of their season was postponed due to weather and then I was in Savannah after that.  There are first, second and third graders on his team so he was thrilled to get to spend a little time at third base.

March 2013 407 copy

March 2013 409 copy March 2013 411 copy

March 2013 424 copy

John and his bestie O – they don’t go to school together and some days I think he only plays baseball to get to see this kid :-)

March 2013 428 copy 
Both boys are on the Rockies teams in their respective leagues and I CANNOT wait to snap a pic of them together next weekend!!  With three games a week plus practices between the two of them, y’all know where to find me this spring…

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