Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

Pearls and Horses In the Bathroom

Hey friends.


Three things made me want to take some pictures in my bathroom the other day.


1.  The sun was shining

2.  My bathroom was clean

3.  I bought a beautiful little glass at World Market


blue vase 5


Isn’t it such a pretty color? 


And, I love the bubbled glass.  Reminds me of hobnail.


blue vase 3


I decided to take this little white tote that was holding magazines and put my perfumes and lotions in it. 


Pretty and functional which is just what I like.


blue vase 8


I have shown you this before but I still love my old chicken wire filled picture frame that I use to hang my necklaces on. 


Another pretty and functional item.


Yet another place that I store jewelry is in this Hobby Lobby case that I found a few years ago…


jewelry 3


The metal dress form is another great necklace holder.


I love to have things that I use often close at hand.  If things are out of my sight, then they really are out of my mind.


This vintage ammo box is also a great place to house bathroom things…


green box 1


I also use this wonderful old apple bucket to store bathtub items…


apple bucket 3


I’m thinking that I should have named this post “Storage in the Bathroom”.


apple bucket 4


apple bucket 2


towels 2


baskets 1


I love these pearls in this old milk bottle.  The bottle is actually from Fayetteville, TN, which is where I was born so that makes it that much better.


pearls 1


From pearls to horses…


This is some of the artwork in my bathroom.




green horse 2


I mentioned before that our neighbors have horses that you can see and hear out of this window…


window 1


Thus part of the reason that there are horses in our bathroom.


Just thinking how funny it is that we take pictures in a bathroom? 


I hope you are all having a wonderful day and week.  I am headed to the Nashville Flea Market tomorrow and cannot wait to see what I find.  I haven’t been all winter and I feel it calling my name.  I am taking a day by myself to do some things I love to do. 


For those of you who stopped by for some Girl Time yesterday, thanks.  Hope to see you back next Tuesday.

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