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Our March Mantel, A Move for Dear Lillie, our March Family, and Tomorrow's Big Giveaway

Whew! I have quite a lot of info to fill in this post! It was quite a week. Sorry, for the lack of posting but I got quite sick. I honestly don't remember the last time I was that sick. Fortunately, I am feeling much better and it has been a busy weekend so far. We started spring cleaning - yay! Yesterday we cleaned out the fridge, freezer, pantry and cabinets! And not just the quick cleaning, I mean the empty it all out, scrub it down kind of cleaning. Ahhhh! I love how that feels. Now I am hoping today to attack the upstairs closets. I also started stripping our coffee table and am hoping to get it painted today and then have an armoire that I hope to get to painting tomorrow so if they actually get finished and turn out okay I should have some fun new projects to share later this week. Also, I am hoping to get started on some Easter decorating this week too!

This week will also be busy because we will be moving our main location! As many of you know, we have been having more and more trouble keeping up with inventory and keeping our items in stock. We have been getting help and working as fast as possible but even still just can't seem to keep up with everything because there is just only so much space here to work. We had been talking for a while now about moving up to NH where we have a very large workspace we can use but had been unsure about making such a big move. However, these past few months we started realizing we didn't have a choice if we wanted to grow. Once we realized that, we have become very very excited about the move. It is going to not only allow us to be able to keep up better with the items we already make it should also hopefully allow us to finally expand our production and start making more of the items we had been hoping to but just haven't been able to yet, which we are incredibly excited about. It will make things a little more interesting seeing how I will still be here in VA but seeing how I already take trips up to NH pretty regularly, adding some more trips up there shouldn't be too difficult.  So, at the beginning of this week Jason will be moving all of our inventory up to NH. Our shop will remain open and everything will still process and ship normally. Jason will have some help and the whole move should hopefully take less than 24 hours. The only hiccup will be that we won't be offering any Growth Charts tomorrow. We will have another batch available Friday and after we get settled into our new space we will be able to be making much larger batches so hopefully it won't be so crazy for people trying to get one in their shopping cart!

So, although we won't have a batch available tomorrow, guess what we will be doing? 
 We will be giving one of the growth charts away here on our blog!!!!! 
YAY!!!!!! So be sure to come back tomorrow to enter!

Now back to some decorating. Before I get started on Easter decorating this week, I thought I would show you what our mantel has been looking like lately. The winter months are always kind of hard for me but here is what our mantel has looked like since we took our Christmas stuff down.

Lillie always likes the pink flowers at the grocery store. =) I prefer the white ones but every now and again get the pink ones which she loves!

Also, we wanted to tell you all about our March family. Each month we pick a family or organization and we send a portion of every sale that month to them at the end of the month. This month we are going to be giving a portion of every sale to Darrell and Trish Gilles and their children, whose home was completely destroyed by a tornado last week. They all survived but have suffered some serious injuries so please keep them in your prayers. If anyone would like to help them financially their is an account set up for them at 

PNC Bank
Darrell Gilles Family Catastrophic Relief Fund
Checking Acct. Number: 302866564
Routing Number: 083000108

You can see a facebook page set up for them here:  http://www.facebook.com/#!/gillesfamily 

I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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