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One Better

Hi friends.

books 1

I mentioned a book to you recently by Angie Smith called Mended.  What a great book it is.

One of the chapters I read was entitled One Better.  Boy, did it speak directly to me about going the extra mile, trying a little harder, taking a little more time.

I cannot even try to paraphrase all that she wrote but I can say what it meant to me.

I need to slow down and listen….really listen.  I need to make eye contact and not be easily distracted or seem to be bothered with the time it takes for a story to be told.

I need to not only say thank you but to also let someone know that what they did truly means so much to me.  I need to let people know how thankful I am for them and that they matter.

I need to remember the sweet words of advice an older lady in our church told me years ago.  She said that instead of complaining about bending over to pick up her husband’s underwear off of the floor, she always thanked the Lord for having her husband around to be able to pick up his underwear.  That sweet lady is now a widow and I am so sure that she wishes his clothes were still lying around.

Even more simple is that if I have a job that needs to be done, do it better than good, do it very good.

She says, “ it’s hard to do everything, but it isn’t hard to just do one better.  As you walk through the day, instead of feeling like you can’t do it all, just remember: you don’t have to do it all.  You will not believe the way these two little words will start to shape your hours and your heart.  So go ahead, do one better.”

Take a look at this…

coffee table 1

Pretty simple coffee table…

And then I went one better

books 1

That’s how I need to live my life…doing one better.

lr 2

I should have gone one better and cleaned out underneath my sofa.

That’s reality though, right?

Blessings to you all.

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