Senin, 21 Maret 2016

Mid week musings and a winner!

Hi there...hope all is well on your end. Busy week over here. Lots going on. I had a post prepared for today but somehow it has mysteriously gone missing. Blogger...whats up now? So strange, and then I know as has happened in the past, it will magically reappear. So this was a quick impromptu post. First things first, I want to announce the winner for the monogrammed linen giveaway. Congratulations goes to Barbara from Haus Design  (as per randompicker)

Prize IDWinner IDPublic InfoPrivate InfoRandom Sorting IDWeight
1: Monogrammed linens1421319barbarahausdesign03BA26C5-16EA-4E8C-9E0A-67D3E78C00C91

Please contact me and let me know if you want the cocktail napkins or the guest towels and what initial you would like.

So...a few odds and ends, of things going on over in this neck of the woods. I am the first to admit I am like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to boxes arriving. Well suffice to say I have had lots of boxes arriving in the last few days....and I am so happy I indulged in a thing or two myself because I have to tell you I truly love everything I am about to ship out to what will be I know happy customers! But I know  spring is in the air when I get busy with my flowers.....

Love playing with flowers......added these mini white azaleas to this huge oversized orchid pot

Added extra peat moss and I love the effect!

I got an order for three of these pillows and I was packing them up, I immediately  realized a few of them would be perfect for my window seat. What do you think?

And the back which is a beautiful tan velvet works great too, love these pillows!

I think its a match made in heaven!

Got some Bavarian bread boards in for orders to fulfill and got one for myself, I love it!

Some of the pretty canvas art came in....gorgeous!

The rug in the dining room is a keeper and now I love it, ready to start choosing fabrics,etc....

I love the light in the late afternoon

Finally the paper is going to be taken away once and for all within the next week!!!!!

Got this tureen and plates in for an order, and I am flipping over it. I must buy this for myself...isn't it gorgeous? So Herend-ish.

Having this store could be hazardous....I want everything I have gotten in for others!

On my walk during a very humid (can't believe I am saying that in the spring)! morning I spotted a beautiful patch of daffodils just opened on a misty morning......thankfully I had my camera in tow.

So that's whats happening over here.......have to get back to work. Wishing you a wonderful day..whats happening on your end? Anything exciting? Don't know how your weather is but over here we are having a ridiculously mild spring so in record breaking temperatures. I can live with this but pray its not indicative of the kind of summer we are in for! We all know those hot humid days are not conducive to having a "good hair day".
Enjoy your day:)


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