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Maps and a Globe

Hi my friends.

This time of year I start thinking about vacation.  I always look so forward to going somewhere…anywhere…just let me get away for a few days of sunshine, relaxation, and no cooking, cleaning or laundry.

Anybody out there agreeing with me on the no “chore” part?

Of course, I am the one who still makes up the bed even when I am in a hotel room.  Just can’t help myself.

Do you ever think about your most favorite vacation?

farm table 5

Where did you go?

farm table 10

I have to say that I think my all time favorite vacation took place almost four years ago when my husband had a business trip up north and we got to go with him.  Homeschooling has given us the opportunity to pack up many times and go along on business/field trips.  This was actually a two week trip of a lifetime. (at least it was for this mama)

farm table 1

We started in Williamsburg, VA, where we went to Colonial Williamsburg.  It was wonderful and full of such history.  I still remember sitting on the steps of an “old store” and having the best ginger bread cookie that I have ever eaten. 

farm table 4

After Virginia, we did a whirlwind trip to Washington, DC.

The next stop on our journey was probably the most unforgettable place for me.  We went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and that my friends is where I fell in love with the Amish.

Let me just tell you that I came back from there a new person. 

I totally know that their lives are not simple, but what kept resonating with my spirit was “simplicity”.    That is the word that I kept feeling drawn to.  Simplicity.  I even bought a little wooden sign that read that word and still have it hanging it my kitchen today.

cow pillow 2

Let me try to explain just a little…

I think simple to me meant becoming more of who God created me to be.  It meant not being a cookie cutter anything.  It meant learning to be a little more self sufficient.  It meant not worrying that none of my friends had chickens roaming around their backyards, but I wanted them roaming mine.  Not caring who might laugh when we told them that we wanted to have a little hobby farm.  It meant even changing the style of my home.  No offense to Kirkland’s, but it meant not having a Kirkland’s home anymore.  My home was going to be what I (we) wanted it to be.  I wasn’t going to try to have the homes my friends had or buy what I thought “looked good” to someone else.  I wanted our home to reflect who we were and where we came from.

Am I making any sense?

quilts 2

I wanted things in our life to be more about who God intended us to be than what I thought we were supposed to be.

Please tell me that I am not rambling and that this is hitting home with someone else.

gallery wall 5

I left Lancaster with new ideas and new desires.  I also left there with great memories.

Did I mention that I also tried Shoo Fly Pie?

gallery wall 7

Our next stop was the extreme opposite of Lancaster.

New York City was the next destination, and it was crowded and crazy busy.

  I did enjoy it thoroughly and am so glad we went.  I would love to go back when we had lots more time to sight see.  New York was a quick stop for us and I don’t think you can do New York too quickly or you really can’t appreciate it.

gallery wall 4

We then headed to Boston which was also wonderful.  What I remember most about there was that it was so cold and we didn’t have gloves or heavy coats because we had left Tennessee in somewhat warm weather.

Oh my, the history of places like that are just incredible.  Boston was probably my husband’s favorite place.

gallery wall 2

Boston was actually supposed to be our final destination but because we were so close to Maine, we decided to drive just a little farther.  Would you believe that we went to Maine for just a day trip?

Maine was incredibly beautiful.  I would so love to go back there sometime and spend days just driving around.

Two of my favorite things about Maine were eating their delicious clam chowder while overlooking the ocean and walking around a gorgeous old cemetery. 

Sweet memories.

farm table 12

Why did I share all of this with you guys today?

Because now that summer is approaching and we are thinking about vacations, I realize that this will be our first family vacation without our oldest child, our son.

Keith will be working at a Christian camp in North Carolina for the entire summer and won’t be able to go on vacation with us.  I am thrilled for the opportunity God has given him to be at this camp, but I am sad.  I won’t feel complete.  I will know that my baby boy (21 years old) is missing from the family fold. 

I do love my children dearly.  I love my husband.  I love having all of us together. 

Times are changing.

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