Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

Lola's Room with some Spring Touches and a New Pillow

We added a few simple spring touches in what we still refer to as Lola's room. We haven't changed anything in here yet because we have some other big projects in the works that I will share with you soon, eventually, though we will most likely be changing this room up a bit seeing how Lola and Lillie are now sharing Lillie's room.



This new girl pushing stroller pillow cover is now available in our shop

Wall Color - Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore
Ruffled Lamp Shade - Made By Us (See Tutorial)
Dresser - Simply Shabby Chic at Target
Hanging Branch - Made By Us (See Tutorial)
Moss Mushroom and Nest - Savvy 
Pillows - Dear Lillie
White Bunny - Target
Girl Pushing Stroller Cutout - Coming very soon!
Toy Pram - Gift from Michelle
Little White Eyelet Vase - IKEA

I hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday!

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