Rabu, 02 Maret 2016

Lola, Chris, and I

Hey friends!

Just wanted to take a quick second and tell you what Lola, Chris and I are doing today while we have the house to ourselves.

We are spring cleaning!

Well actually, I am cleaning..deep cleaning.

And while I am cleaning, Chris is singing…loudly, beautifully singing.  

Chris Tomlin that is. 

He and I are actually both singing.  His voice is just much more beautiful than mine.  I keep in mind that I am alone and that my voice is a joyful noise to the Lord, so I sing loud!!

Our other friend hanging out  with Chris and I today is Lola.


Lola doesn’t do very much except for make me smile when I walk through my bedroom door.

half lola

She is dressed and ready for spring’s arrival.

full lola 2

Okay…gotta go..I don’t won’t my friends saying that I am not pulling my weight on this busy cleaning day.

God bless you all my sweet friends.

Come back soon.

Partying over at Funky Junk Interiors and the  Six Days of Spring Party at French Country Cottage

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