Selasa, 29 Maret 2016

live * love * Lilly

I had the great pleasure of spending my evening with two fab gals at a local boutique for their Lilly Pulitzer launch party!

Lemonade girls welcomed guests with pink lemonade and lime green whirly pops at the most darling stand you’ve ever laid eye on.  Inside were all sorts of divine sweets and treats, and of course LILLY.  A cookie artist was monogramming pink and green confections right there in the store – I could die at the cuteness!

 lilly2  photo 1 (48) photo 2 (48)


Afterwards we rehashed our purchases and caught up on love, lives and local gossip over cocktails and chips at Marlow’s. 

photo 3 (40)

photo 4 (32)

It was a PERFECT evening!!  Now, if only we can get some warm weather down South – I cannot wait to wear my new white eyelet shorts!!!


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