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Lillie and Her Princess Shoes

A few weeks ago Lillie was sitting on my lap as I was working on the computer and saw a preview for these "Genevieve" shoes from Jessica at Joyfolie. Unless it happens to have a Disney princess on it, I have never seen Lillie get excited about shoes or clothing but she was absolutely enthralled with these and started asking every day if she could get a pair of "those beautiful sparkly princess shoes". Well, last week they arrived and she was thrilled. Of course as soon as we got to Colonial Williamsburg she wanted to take them off because she "didn't want to get them dirty".

Hmmm....deciding if she's going to let me take some pictures...not looking very promising.

Actually, why not? Watching Mommy try to take pictures while bouncing Lola up and down in the Bjorn, balancing the diaper bag, Lola's water and feeding her cheerios with one hand while attempting to not drop the camera and snap pictures with the other hand is always a good laugh.

Some of my favorite pictures of Lillie are in shoes that Jessica has made for her. We called these ones her little George Washington shoes. They were adorable!

And I think these are my all-time favorites:

Joyfolie has grown leaps and bounds and they are now manufactured instead of handmade and sold everywhere from Anthropologie to Piperlime! Some of my favorite shoes on Jessica's site now are the "Kat" shoes (and I love that the print is this Shakespeare quote, "And though she be but little, she is fierce.")

I also love these "Luna" shoes: (and read below for a special Dear Lillie discount on these!)

And check out these Maci Spectator Boots:

Jessica is offering a special discount to Dear Lillie readers!
Use the code DEARLILLIE30 to get 30% off the Luna shoes (shown above), Charlotte in Tweed and the Sabre Cuffed Bootie

or the code DEARLILLIE40 to get 40% off the Callista Boot in Slate

If you have never been to the Joyfolie website or Jessica's blog, I highly recommend you head on over. You are in for a real visual treat!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! And don't forget - today is the last day to enter our Ruler Growth Chart Giveaway!!!

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