Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

It’s Our 3rd Girl Time

Hey girls!!!


What a glorious week this week is! 


Before I go any further, I just want to say that I worship a risen Savior!!!!





Can I just tell you how many talented ladies are out there in “blog land”?  Like really really talented. 


You all amaze me with your home decorating abilities,  your cooking skills,  your crafting abilities, your photography, your____________.  I could just put so many things in this blank. 


I love that I have you all to learn from.  Thanks.


Now on to a few friends that I want to share with you today.


First of all, I know most of you know this beautiful blog and blogger, but just in case for some reason you don’t then I want to introduce you to her.  Meet the enormously talented and gifted Yvonne from the gorgeous blog StoneGable.


This lady amazes me with the beauty she creates in her home and in the food she prepares.


You absolutely have to go see the bridal shower that she hosted for her son and daughter in law.  OH MY GOODNESS!



When you are done checking out the bridal shower then I would love for you to read her  Sunday Scripture post


Don’t leave her place too quickly.  Look around because there is so much to look at. 


Would love for you to tell her that Amy sent you over.




When you are done visiting StoneGable, head over to Kathleen’s home at Faded Charm.


Ladies, I could spend all day looking at her photos.  Her home is filled with everything that I am in love with.  I don’t just glance at her pictures, I soak up every detail to see if there are things I can recreate in my home.



I would love for Kathleen to come to my house and “play”.  I would give her free decorating reign.  The only thing I would tell her she couldn’t do is to paint the kitchen cabinets.  (ha ha…inside joke for those of you who know that my sweet husband doesn’t want our cabinets painted)  Everything else would be at her disposal.


Go ahead and head over to Faded Charm and then come back for one more.




The last friend I want you to meet today is a very new to me blog.  Like, I am still looking around  and getting to know her but thought you might like to get to know her with me.


This beautiful blog is Sylvia's Simple Life and it is full of beautiful things. 



Her latest post was on maple syrup and it was a simple pleasure for me to read.


Look at this picture…



Oh my….I do love me some maple syrup on my pancakes. 


Check out her blog and introduce yourself if you have a minute.




One more thing… would you mind heading over to The Northern Cottage and checking out her amazing looking artichoke dip?  She is in a contest and would love to have our votes.  I voted!!!


Check out how amazing it looks…


the BEST Artichoke Dip @






Okay my friends, enough is enough for today.  My sweet girlies are waiting for me to go get French Pedicures so our toes will be ready for our sandals on Easter Sunday morning.  Of course, it will probably be snowing and we can’t wear our sandals but that’s okay, we are going to do it anyway. 


Love spending time with my two favorite girls that live right here in my house with me.


Have a wonderful week and a blessed Resurrection Sunday.


Thanks for stopping by for our 3rd Girl Time.  Hope you will come back next week.


I pray we will all give thanks today for all the wonderful things God has blessed us with.

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