Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Guest posting at Pink Pagoda!

Hi there, hope you had a restful and happy weekend. Ours was pretty relaxing I must say.....and yesterday I got to spend the day doing very little which was a mega treat. I actually made spaghetti carbonara, a decadent 'once in a while" treat and pistachio ice cream sandwiches which my family DEVOURS. So it was a good day...and when you have great food in the mix, that's kind of the perfect finishing touch! I also want to say how very much I enjoyed reading over all your answers yesterday......fascinating!! I made a short list of movies that I haven't seen that rank high on the list for those kinds of exercises! Thank you for participating.

 This morning I am so excited to be over at Jennifer's super chic blog, The Pink Pagoda. If you love chinoiserie, all things blue and white and fabulous design then you are going to just loooooove The Pink Pagoda. She asked me to guest post for her popular "Blue and white Mondays" post and the subject had me tickled pink to step aboard. Here is just a sampling of her "beautiful with a capital B" work that is all available for go girl! Please do stop over to visit my post and say hello and discover a blog that you won't be able to stay away from! See you over there and thanks Jennifer!

I mean can we just talk about fabulous this blog header is! Think that sets the tone.....(click on the header to head on over)

And some of her amazing prints, stationary and of course those totally fabulous iPhone about making a beautiful statement!

Lest regular stamps just not cut you go!

All of her things are available through her Etsy shop and the iPhone cases and stamps are for sale over at Zazzle. You know you want something.....I mean her things are so much fun, elegant, stylish and best of all affordable! See you over there! Click here to visit. Have a fabulous day.


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