Kamis, 03 Maret 2016

Easter Vignette and Chalkboard

Whew! What a busy weekend we had! On Friday we welcomed a new member into the family and began moving Dear Lillie into a new, permanent location! We had not expected it to happen this way but Jamie's baby arrived and papers were signed all within about an hour and a half time span - so needless to say it's been a pretty hectic weekend. As crazy as it's been though, we couldn't be more excited and I will share more info about both things as soon as I have a chance. Knowing both of these events would be happening soon (we just didn't expect them to be happening at the same time!) we spent quite a bit of time the past couple of weeks getting lots and lots of blog posts ready for the upcoming couple of weeks and then as soon as I have a chance to take photos of the new baby and our new space and really get on my computer and type we will introduce them both to you!

The way that Jason has scheduled the moving process it should not have any effect on any orders or shipping, however we may be a bit more delayed in responding to e-mails for another couple of days.

Anyway, enough rambling. Tonight I want to show you the first of our two Easter chalkboards. This one is now available in our shop to download.  We hope to have it available as a print later this week. I have to admit I ended up changing this vignette a little bit after I took these photos. It felt a bit too "cute" for me so I ended up moving the pink tulips to another room. And the bunnies are thanks to Lillie and Lola. =) I think I am actually going to move them up to their room.

The fresh tulips and flowering branches are from Trader Joe's. I LOVE the branches! The bunnies are from Target. The moss balls are from Savvy in Williamsburg from a few years ago. You can see how to print the chalkboard and make the frame here in this tutorial.

We will have our nest pillows available in our shop later this week!

I hope you all have had a lovely weekend! We'll be back next with our tablescape as part of "The Spring Fling Blog Hop"! 
*I originally spelled the word Alleluia wrong but thanks to a reader noticing was able to was able to get it fixed!

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