Senin, 21 Maret 2016

Dressing Table Dreams

As y’all well know, I’ve been working on cleaning out and organizing my closet with the ultimate goal of turning part of it’s unused space into a little dressing table nook.

I just hung the oyster plates in the powder room so I’ll have to come up with something else there – or maybe forego them all together.  The mirror was previously in my dining room but has been replaced with a larger, longer version of the same thing that better suits that space.  I plan to skirt the existing desk in seersucker (which I purchased at JoAnn’s while in Savannah for less than $25), and make a balloon shade out of a sheet that looks like the top fabric (to match the shams on my bed).  I’m moving the monogrammed canvas from the guest bathroom and have just completed the little fru fru stool project (more on that real soon.)

Seeing as the space looks like this at the moment, there’s obviously a looooong way to go!

photo 4 (21)

Honey has already removed the extra racks and trim, patched the walls and painted the nook space in pale oak to match the master bedroom.  Now I need to get busy sewing.  (ugh!)

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