Senin, 07 Maret 2016

Designer spotlight: Toni Gallagher

Hi there and happy Thursday morning......haven't done one of these in a long time.Bracing for more snow over here, ugh! It won't be on the same scale as the last monster of a storm but we are due to get 4-6" of snow tonight and lots of high winds....... guess I can deal with that as long as this is our last snowfall! Enough is enough!

 Designer spotlight is when I feature a designer and their work, who has caught my eye. When I saw the first picture of Toni's own heart skipped a beat. Gorgeous with a capital G! I was intrigued and upon further investigation decided that this was a designer whose work I am a definite fan of and wanted to see more of. Much more.

Her work is clearly traditional but everything feels so light and airy too. Any designer who creates cloud like bedrooms (my favorite kind) uses blue and white in many of her projects and has a taste for the classics is a design hero in my book!  Classic, timeless, supremely elegant and of course just beautiful. I think with my incredible desire to see spring, I am particularly drawn to her work as it appears so fresh, inviting and warm, much like the season of spring. Toni is based in Rye, NY but does work all over the country. So lets take a look at this talented designers work, shall we.....

This vanity is absolutely dreamy!!
Love her use of blue and whites....
Such a beautiful tranquil space....
Such an elegant the tones and the beautiful artwork makes a bath feel so special

 This is so picture perfect!! Adore this space
Love the piping, the freshness that all the blue brings to this charming space
Love ivory in a serene.
This is such a beautiful guest inviting!
This is  a fabulous breakfast cheery and sophisticated
My favorite color palette for a bedroom......
This guest bedroom is so the addition of the check fabric, adds such charm!
Beautiful nautical inspired  space.......
Simply gorgeous outdoor area...makes me crave summer in a BIG way!
So pretty!
Charm galore....

This room feels and looks like a perfect cloud!
I want that secretary!!
Or this one......
Love this sunny spot and what a view, have such a fondness for windowseats!
Don't you just love cozy spaces like this?

Well....what do you think? Have a favorite room here?  I love her style and think she has the "fresh classic" vibe nailed! Always enjoy discovering the work and talents of a new designer (new to me that is). If you want to look back at other "designer spotlight" posts about other talented designers, on top left in search bar, just type in designer spotlight and it will take you to all the old posts. Thanks for stopping in and letting me be a part of your day! Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

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