Minggu, 20 Maret 2016

Blooms and Birthdays

Hi everyone!

March has been a wonderful and busy month in our home.  We have celebrated two special birthdays so far.  My husband’s birthday was the first of the month and our son’s 20th birthday was last week.  Yes, I said 20.  Yes, I have been a little bit emotional. 

In celebration of our son, we chose his favorite dessert, cheesecake.

table 6

Keith loves cheesecake.  This one is not homemade, but my husband does make a homemade gourmet cheesecake that is incredible. 

table 4

The dogwoods are blooming and are just gorgeous. I love the way they fill up a container.

table 10

Flowers of any kind make a room so festive.

table yes 2

Isn’t God a wonderful Artist?

table 9

Spring is such a wonderful time to fill your home with beautiful things.  Go outside and see what you can bring in to add a little more loveliness to your home.

Hope your week has been wonderful so far and continues that way.

Blessings to you from me!

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