Selasa, 22 Maret 2016

A Few Shots Of the Living Room

Hey all my friends.

Hope you are all well!

We are doing wonderful and still enjoying beautiful weather here in Tennessee.

With pretty weather comes spring cleaning, and that’s just what I did all day yesterday.  Can I just tell you that I had a blast?  I am one of those people who really loves to clean.  I love cleaning, organizing, decluttering, and prettying things up.

And, you know what we do when things are clean, right?    We take pictures.

I know I have shown you shots of things in my living room before, but I thought I would try to show you all of it while it was clean.  Smile

fireplace 1

Our fireplace sits at an angle in the room, which really helps in furniture placement.

   See my ceiling fan…I know ceiling fans aren’t a decorator’s choice, but I like having a fan in our rooms.  To us, it’s practical and practical is good.

ent ctr 1

Yep, big dark fireplace and big dark entertainment center.  Nope, neither one of them can be changed.   This TV is my hubbies baby and he actually would love to have one that’s even bigger.  OH MY..

I made a little paper garland that hangs at the top of the entertainment center, hung some burlap behind the TV and filled the cubbies with linens and blue ball jars.  Can you tell that I am trying hard to soften that baby up?  I also covered the big old speaker with burlap.

couch 1

I love old doors, windows, and ladders and  incorporate them wherever I can.  I think they add so much personality and dimension to a room.

couches 1

Our brown leather sofa and love seat are wonderfully soft and comfortable.  Love them and love that they will just keep looking better as they get more worn.

coffee table 3

I had a burlap grain sack on the coffee table during the fall and winter, but added this beautiful vintage white runner for the spring and summer.  It made such a difference in lightening up this table.

coffee table 4

This great big chair and a half  is mine.  Yes, I know, usually the man gets the recliner, but we bought this chair right after our youngest child was born and she and I have sat  together in it for almost nine years now.  It’s just kind of a gimme that she and I get the chair at night and hubbie and other daughter get the sofas.  Our son prefers the floor, so everybody is happy.

We are fortunate to have a big living area.  Thankfully, our children tend to hang around me and my husband and don’t go off to their bedrooms.  A big living room enables us to all be able to spread out comfortably.

Enough living room talk…hope you all have a wonderful Friday and fantastic upcoming weekend.

May the joy of the Lord fill you to overflowing!  

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