Selasa, 22 November 2011

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Dessert From a Box

Hey sweet friends!


I wanted to share a very quick and easy dessert that we found. 


This box contains great yumminess and wonderful ease.


pumpkin bars 1


Krusteaz has some great mixes, and this one is definitely a winner.  Add some farm fresh eggs and real butter, and you have some tasty eating going on.



pumpkin bars 2



pumpkin bars 3


Add a little cream cheese frosting to the top and you are all set.



My sweet nine year old daughter fixed these all by herself and was tickled that she got to play a part in our early Thanksgiving meal.



   She cooked them, iced them ever so lightly, and displayed them beautifully. 



I love having so much help in the kitchen.  From my oldest daughter’s stromboli that I posted about last, to my youngest daughter’s desserts, life is easy at meal time.



Thanks for stopping by today and spending a little time with me.



I pray that your Thanksgiving week is truly blessed.

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