Senin, 28 November 2011

A Friend Called It Hollywood Glamour..Before and After

My oldest daughter decided she wanted to redo her bedroom and make it a little more “girly”.  (my word, not hers)  She really is not a girly girl, but very much of a sporty girl.  She has never done ruffles or pink or…you get the picture.

Her room went from everything this…


to what a friend called Hollywood glamour…

full bed


lamp 1

words 2



Isn’t it beautiful? 

Even with all of these beautiful feminine touches, she still has that sporty, tom-boy side.

She has a little hallway in her bedroom that holds these prize possessions…


She did a great job, didn’t she?  Mom was not allowed to help.  This was all her and what she wanted.    And now, she has it all fixed up for Christmas and it is even more sparkly and beautiful.


I have been decorating my house for Christmas for the last two days and still lack my tree.  It’s funny, because really my decorations are more simple than ever and I am using lots of natural elements in my house, but it seems like it’s taking me a long time to get done.

I am loving the way it is all coming together.  Can’t wait to show you.

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