Minggu, 20 November 2011

Non-Traditional and Simple

Hello my sweet friends.


What a wonderful night last night was!!


We celebrated an early Thanksgiving last night with my immediate family.  That  included my wonderful brother and his family and my precious mom and her sweet husband.  (lots of adjectives there,  I know, but I want to make sure you know how special my family is to me)


Because of mom’s treatments, her appetite has been a little off so I  wanted Thanksgiving dinner to taste good to her most of all.


We decided on a very non-traditional meal with the main dish being a fabulous recipe that my oldest daughter makes.   Stromboli and taco soup were the highlights of the  menu with lots of tasty sides.



stromboli 5




stromboli 6




stromboli 7




stromboli 8




stromboli 10


Let me show you just a few before pictures of this deliciousness…


stromboli 3




stromboli 4




stromboli 1




stromboli 5



Hope you can read this recipe..  Let me know if you can’t.



stromboli 2



To go along with our delicious but simple menu, I decided to do a pretty simple table setting on both the dining room table and kitchen table.


Kitchen table…


kitchen table 2




kitchen table



Dining Room…



dr table











Isn’t that just a beautiful color pumpkin?  I kind of wish it would last forever.



Along with the great main foods, there are, of course, the sweets.  I will have to share with you a very easy pumpkin bar dessert recipe that my youngest daughter fixed.  Will show you that later.



Yes, the food was incredible last night.  But, the most incredible part of the evening was time spent with my family.  I am truly a blessed lady and am so thankful for the family God has given to me.

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