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Hanging Plates

One of the things I get asked more often than anything else on this blog is “how do you hang your plates?”  (As opposed to the “why do we hang all of our plates?" question I get at home from Honey.)  It’s so easy and it occurred to me the other day that I ought to just go ahead and tell all.

I always use these OOK hangers from Home Depot.  They are a few dollars a piece and include everything – even the hook and nail!  They come in a few different sizes and I find it helpful to just take a plate to the store with me, slip the hanger off the card and give it a try before buying.  (This is after a few failed attempts at measuring the plates.)

photo 2 (33)

They hook across the back of the plate like this.  I’ve never had any damage to the plate and I’ve never had one fall off the wall.  For oyster plates, I attach the hangers at different angels on each plate for a more fluid and natural grouping once hung.

photo 4 (19)

And this is all you see on the front side of the plate – the little hooks peeking over.  On the OOK brand, the metal that wraps around the front of the plate is covered in plastic so as to not damage the plate.

photo 3 (27)

These are a few of my favorite Oysteria plates that I just hung up in the living room after unearthing them from the closet.  More on that real soon!!!
 photo 1 (33)
And that’s it!  Happy plate hanging, y’all!

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