Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Hairy Christmas

At Christmastime, everyone around these parts excitedly anticipates exquisitely wrapped packages, donned to the hilt with ribbons, paper and embellishments, from Sister.  On the other hand, I often toss quickly wrapped items, sometimes in black garbage bags, with the To: and From: scrawled right on the paper under the tree.  (I'm going to go ahead and bet y'all are reeling at that revelation.)

Let me offer our Christmas Eve wrapping, cocktailing and gabbing extravaganza as a prime example.  While Sister was perfectly positioning these painstakingly adorned gems under the tree...
...I decided to have fun with the fact that I'm a horrific gift wrapper.

The Title Gift of 2011:
Hairy Christmas
Hat Head
A Curling We Will Go
Clara's Ringlets
Little Cindy Lou Who
Not a Creature Was Stirring...Not Even a Rat Tail
Merry Christmas to All and to All an Alfalfa Night
Jingle Balls
We All Want Some Pig Tail Pudding
And speaking of our hairy Christmas, if you've been wondering who the mountain man is in all of our pictures, why that's just Honey.  For as long as I can remember, he's given up shaving between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The week of Christmas he then proceeds to shave off his beard in strange and various ways...

Hope y'all had a hairy merry holiday!  (And I hope you'll keep reading after this asinine post.)

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